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If you are passionate about helping, sharing and learning, you can join through volunteering or academic internship processes. Coordinated and organized actions provide the Elderly with other alternatives that contribute to their well-being and/or to the improvement of the institution's processes. . 


These are some of the lines of volunteering that may interest you:

Campaign give smiles

It consists of linking you economically or professionally to acquire or improve the users' prostheses; carry out oral health brigades for institutionalized users and older adults in the community and give talks on the importance of oral health in the elderly, aimed at home caregivers and informal caregivers in the community. 


Listen to me and hug me with respect

Cultural, spiritual, occupational and/or recreational  activities with our users, with any action you will steal a smile. 


Lend me your voice and your knowledge

There are users who  cannot read or write. Contribute to their learning process, with classes, study groups or activities with the life club. 


Telling Stories 

We have many things to say, write stories about our users or support us in dissemination campaigns, planning and execution of strategies. 


Green World

If you enjoy gardening, orchards and environmental issues, support us with activities that allow us to beautify green areas and develop projects with an environmental impact. 


Seeds of Life

Workshops or activities with students to strengthen a  positive culture against the aging process and old age, as well as the promotion of healthy lifestyles. 


Support in administrative processes and organizational management

Contribute to the improvement of the internal processes of the Corporation through the donation of time and experience.

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