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life club

We provide interdisciplinary support for the development and strengthening of psychosocial capacities of the elderly.

Gerontological Seedbed

We offer training to community groups, educational institutions and organized groups, providing the necessary tools to prepare for healthy and active aging; likewise opening more spaces of interaction and inclusion for the elderly

Intergenerational Meetings for Companies and Groups

We promote the gerontological culture in business groups, their employees and their family groups, through the development of experiential workshops for schools, companies and/or groups that are interested in promoting lifestyles that encourage healthy aging and want to strengthen the approach affection in the family.

Training for Primary Caregiver Groups

We train caregivers of the elderly and people with disabilities, through various technical instruments that allow the proper management of individual situations, thus seeking to improve the quality of life of these population groups, their caregivers and their families, under the approaches of right, differential and preferential.

Training for Councils for the Elderly

We train older people belonging to the municipal council, encouraging them to actively participate in society, with participatory planning tools, based on a rights and co-responsibilities approach that serve as a strategy for the empowerment of communities in their own development.

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