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Regardless of material, physical and/or mental condition, each one of the members of the Calor de Hogar family is a valuable human being and their rights are respected.


We are a private non-profit institution, which contributes to improving the quality of life of the population in vulnerable situations, through the implementation of institutional programs,  providing protection and comprehensive care._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Through geronto-geriatric education we strengthen intergenerational relationships, promoting harmony, healthy coexistence, respect and solidarity

By the year 2030, Calor de Hogar will be a benchmark at the Departmental level in the care, protection, well-being and active inclusion of the Elderly and Adults with limited autonomy, through the provision of services and support for a healthy process of aging,  strengthening intergenerational relationships and healthy coexistence, guaranteeing institutional sustainability.

The Corporación Calor de Hogar is a private, non-profit entity, which was founded in 1997 in the Municipality of Bello, and began its outreach programs to the community with the formation of a life club, in which, Through a promotion and prevention program designed to encourage family values and promote acceptance and respect between generations, 40 older people were called, with whom different activities were carried out to achieve this goal.


This program was carried out in the Municipality of Bello until 2002, and was resumed in 2007 in the Municipality of Medellin, where, apart from the most functional elderly people of the Institution, elderly people from the San Cristóbal District are linked, who are It provides them without any cost, training, physical, occupational and recreational activity, gerontological care, physiotherapy, psychological and spiritual support, among others.


In an Association Agreement with the Municipality of Medellín in 1998 and until 2013, a temporary home was set up to provide comprehensive temporary care to adults living on the streets of the city, between 18 and 59 years old, with different types of disease: temporary, chronic, contagious or terminal infection, in which approximately 2,700 young people received care.


In 2002, care began in the form of institutionalization or permanent home for vulnerable elderly people and from 2004 the Corporation was part of the formation of the Network of Homes, now, Association Network of Social Projection for the Human Being - PROSOSERH , where more than 900 older adults from the Municipality of Medellín are cared for, of which the Corporation cares for 170 of them.

Until 2018, the services focused on being developed with State entities, however, in 2019, the offer of services to private individuals began, seeking to increase the social impact by helping other elderly people and families that require accompaniment in care. .

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