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She was born with the quality of being loved quickly. He has many families, the blood one and all the ones he has made with his fantastic way of being.


It has the ability to give life to each life it finds. She is one of those women that you can easily admire because she is consistent. Act as you think, fight until you achieve your dreams, even when the world seems to be against you.

An example of this was when he began to dream of a home for the elderly, "it seemed crazy" says his mother, but she, convinced, went ahead. And that push and that forward posture before life, characterize her since she was little.

At the age of 6, she told her mother to give away all her clothes because two changes of clothes were enough for her, that was the first indication of the immense humanity that inhabited her. It was the first sign of their love, solidarity and generosity. Indications, which to date, remain intact.

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